Toilet Roll People

on May 18, 2014 in Craft Recipes

10383738_10204163040742147_7966192376868346849_oThese little guys are really easy to make. If you look online under Toiler Roll People, you will find many types and some really fancy ones. If you have a little  prep time you can paint the faces pink but I didn’t. You can use strips of fabric to make the clothes but I used coloured paper. Cut into strips and cover one side in glue, then wrap around the roll. Make holes at the bottom opposite each other and somewhere near the top do the same. Push pipe cleaners through the holes for arms and legs. As you can see we stuck goggly eyes on ours but you can draw the face in if you don’t have them. You can use strips of lace, leather what ever you have. Let your imagination go. The one on the left has a pompom for hair and the one on the right has strips of orange paper glued on because, Joshua wanted orange hair on his toilet roll person, like his own. You can obviously use other types of cardboard rolls i.e. kitchen roll, foil roll etc.  We put buttons on the front of ours with glue but you can draw fastenings like buttons or zips and pockets. I also have a hole punch and that is why the arms are high up on the person. It wouldn’t reach any further down. You can make a hole by punching a pencil through the cardboard with a piece of plasticine behind it so you don’t punch through your hand or you can cut it with scissors or a knife. Just remember, it only needs to be a small hole for pipe cleaners.  Easy peasy. Enjoy!

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