Summer Pudding

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Summer is on it’s way and this is the most English summer dessert that I can imagine. It uses fresh berries from the garden and white bread. Any berries can be substituted for those below but these, I believe, are the traditional ones for Summer Pudding. You can use strawberries, blueberries, Logan berries, black berries,although these don’t come until later in the year unless you use frozen ones. The mix of the fresh summer berries is a delight and this desert always impresses even though it takes no skill.

6oz red currants

4 oz blackcurrants

1 lb. raspberries

5 oz caster sugar

7-8 medium slices white bread from large loaf

1/2 pint, 10 fluid oz. pudding bowl, lightly buttered

Take stalks off currants, using a fork. Hold the stalk landslide for downwards pulling off berries as it goes.

PLACE fruits with the sugar in large saucepan over medium heat and let cook for 3-5 mins, only until sugar dissolves and juices begin to run. Don’t overcook it will spoil the fresh flavour. Now remove fruit from hea

LINE pudding basin with the slices of bread, overlapping them and sealing well by pressing the edges together. Fill in any gaps with small piecs of bread, so no juice gets through when you add the fruit.

POUR the fruit and juice in (saving 2/3 of a cup)

COVER pudding with another slice of bread.

PLACE  saucer on top that fits inside rim of bowl.

WEIGH down with 3-4 lb. weight and leave in fridge overnight.

 TURN OUT  on a large serving dish and spoon the reserved juice all over, to soak any bits of bread that still are white.

GARNISH with mint leaves if you like.

SERVE cut into wedges with bowl of thick cream on the table.

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