Spaghetti with Capers

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Hello Everyone,

I know that at this time of year many of us have a glut from the garden because it is harvest time.

This is such a simple dish it is ready in a matter of minutes.  It’s fresh and tasty!! It comes from Sicily where caper bushes grow wild.

All the courgettes are gone and we have a glut of tomatoes right now as they are coming to the end of their season and because of that I made this “summer” lunch dish in October.

My husband was going “hmmm, hmmm,” during the whole meal so it suffices to say I think he liked it!! ha ha

I have to admit that I did not use measures for this, just threw things in by eye as it really doesn’t matter about measurements for this one.

Here are the ingredients:


Tomatoes (as many as you can fit in your frying pan)

Olive Oil


Garlic cloves 3

S & P

Chilli Flakes



Put the Spaghetti on to boil for 8 minutes.

Add plenty of Olive Oil to your frying pan.

Cut your tomatoes in half and squeeze the juice and seeds out into a bowl.  As you can see the sauce is rather dry in this dish.

Chop the tomatoes roughly and add to hot frying pan.

Chop the garlic cloves roughly and add to the pan.

Cook until sauce is reduced enough to serve. Just a few minutes.

Toss in a handful of  drained capers, a large handful or more of chopped mint and a large handful of chopped parsley.

Add a spoonful of Chilli Flakes  or to taste and season.

Drizzle more Olive Oil onto the pasta to serve.


This really cannot be made with tinned tomatoes. It doesn’t work. Oh and as you can see I used red and yellow tomatoes in mine.  I love this simple dish as it is, but you could always add things like olives or anchovies or other herbs but I think you will be surprised at how delicious the mint is in this savoury dish!  Live a little and give it a try.


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