Purple Sprouting…Yum

on Mar 19, 2015 in Favourite Recipes, Salads, Starters/Snacks/Canapes, Vegetarian

Ahh the spring March and April, time for Purple Sprouting Broccoli (in UK). There are so many people who don’t like broccoli but I can’t imagine life without it. Here is another of my fav. Broccoli salad recipes for those of you who hate boiled broccoli.

Warm salad of Purple Sprouting Broccoli or Tender Stem Broccoli dressed with Olive Oil and red wine vinegar topped with Parmesan shavings or poached egg.

There is no list of measured ingredients as you just judge by the amount of broccoli you have.


Take a bunch of fresh Purple Sprouting Broccoli and snip off any rough ends

Cut larger pieces in half lengthwise

Remove any leaves that don’t look fresh

Heat a little Olive Oil in frying pan

Stir fry the broccoli about 3 minutes on high heat just to sear the broccoli a little

Turn heat down a little

Add sliced garlic and chilli flakes

Cook until the garlic is pale golden

Season and add some Vermouth or white wine

Let it bubble a little

Put the lid on and it will cook in the Vermouth steam for about 4 minutes

Check if tender with a sharp knife; pierce the stem

Toss in Olive Oil and red wine Vinegar (or other vinegar)

Serve with shavings of Parmesan Cheese as a side or a poached egg for a lovely lunch dish. You could add chilli flakes or herbs of your choice.

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