How Many Christmas Dinners Will You Eat Before Christmas Day?

on Dec 19, 2013 in Christmas, Uncategorized


How many Christmas Dinners will you eat before Christmas Day? I used to eat several at Christmas “dos” when Graham was working but I think I will only eat the one I had today at the Old Ship Inn in Noss Mayo.  It was our Pilates’ Class Christmas Lunch. I had the Turkey Roast Dinner with the works.

Patsy Derry is the lady on the left with her mum, Marion. Patsy is our instructor. Next to her, in the middle are two good friends Hilary and Liz, on the right is Diana and me . I do have a Christmas hat on, by the way, it has just slid to the back of my head in the photo. There must have been 30-35 people there and some couldn’t make it.  It’s nice to see everyone in different circumstances, you get to know a bit more about them. Unfortunately there were only two men from the men’s class in attendance, one of which was my Graham, everyone is so busy this time of year.

Let me know how many Christmas Dinners you will have.

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