Galantine of Chicken

on Jun 29, 2014 in Chicken, Dairy Free, Favourite Recipes


Looking for something to impress dinner guests?

I made this Galantine of Chicken at the week-end for visitors. You can put practically anything you fancy in the stuffing. But one of my visitors was pregnant so kept to more traditional and gentler flavours, so I made my own concoction which was absolutely delicious!

You will need a boned chicken. I asked my butcher to bone the chicken for me, without breaking the skin. I then opened the chicken roll and sliced part way through any thicker pieces of meat and opening them up filled all spaces on the chicken skin. I placed the sausage meat stuffing length-wise on it and then rolled it up. I used string to tie it up and keep it together so the stuffing didn’t escape and popped it in the oven, 170 C/ 150C fan, 325F,Gas 3.  A 2kg/4.5 lb chicken will take around an hour more or less or until the core temperature is 72C.

Really as easy as that, but so impressive as a dinner party dish.

Here’s the recipe for my delicious Galantine of Chicken (Boned and stuffed chicken roll)

sausage meat




black pepper


lemon thyme



Quantities are dependent  on the size of your chicken and how much stuffing you have. I tried to balance the ingredients, not allowing any one ingredient to overwhelm another. Go easy on the garlic and grate it into the stuffing. You can put any herb of your choice into a stuffing like this but my favourite at the moment is Lemon Thyme, a gorgeous fragrant flavour.

Have a go, it is so easy and it is very impressive when sliced on the plate with the stuffing exposed. I served it with Boulongere potatoes, roasted fennel and green French beans.

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