Easy and impressive Ice Cream Sandwiches

on Sep 5, 2014 in American Recipes, Favourite Recipes, Vegetarian

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Hi Again, I’ve been busy over the summer with visitors, church Bar-b-que, family and babysitting grandchildren so haven’t had much time to put anything on my blog. I will put on some more of the summer’s favourites starting with this Ice cream Sandwich which is just assembled with bought ingredients. Easy peasy.

This is one of the simplest and one of the favourites of everyone who ate them this summer. Grandchildren, adults, visitors, everyone loved them. They bring back memories of my childhood ad ice-cream sandwiches was one of my favs.

I bought large double chocolate biscuits from the supermarket bakery and bought a good vanilla soft scoop ice-cream. Put one large scoop of ice cream on the bottom of one biscuit, then topped it with the other biscuit. Rolled the edges of the ice-cream  in Hundreds and Thousands, wrapped then individually in cling film and put into freezer. Its a cinch and made everyone smile.

These ice-cream sandwiches can be made with any flavour of biscuit e.g. chocolate chip, oatmeal or coconut biscuits. White Chocolate chunk biscuits with chocolate ice-cream sounds yummy or strawberry ice-cream. Large soft biscuits are best as they freeze well.

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