Donna’s Amazing Yorkshire Puddings

on Jan 3, 2014 in English recipies, Friend's Recipes


Wow! Just look at these beauties!  My Canadian friend Donna’s amazing Yorkshire Puddings!

Here is the Recipe for fabulous Yorkshire Pudding 1 1/2 Cups of Flour 3 eggs 1 Tsp salt 3/4 cup of Milk 3/4 cup of water This will make 12 individual puddings Couple of things Make mixture in the morning of your dinner Always make the mixture with a wooden spoon Every time you walk by give the mixture a stir Use Tenderflake in the bottom of each muffin space..not too much and not too little Oven must be at 450 – 500 Put muffin tin in oven with tenderflake once it has reached desired temp and leave it in there til there is blue smoke coming off each one Then pour batter into each tin. Should sizzle when batter hits the tin I always put flour in huge measuring cup with spout on it (easy to pour) then I add salt, put eggs in and mix well, then milk and water but mix well after adding the liquid a little bit at a time! As I said stir throughout the day!! Cook for 20 min but don’t open the oven!!! Just check with your oven light!! There ya go!!! Yummy!! My Mummy taught me well..thank you Winnie!!”

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