Corned Beef Hash…New York Style (almost)

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Are you looking for a quick inexpensive supper?

I needed a quick supper the other night and hadn’t been food shopping so looked in the cupboard for some inspiration and saw a tin of Corned Beef.

So Corned beef hash it is then. Best with an egg on top, but as you can see, mine broke 🙁  It made a welcome change.

I say New york Style almost because in New York they use proper salt beef, not the tinned variety. I have very fond memories of  New York and this is one of them.

You can change the amounts of Worcestershire and mustard or even use a different mustard to suit your palette. And if you’ve more than 2 mouths to feed you can stretch the beef out by adding extra potatoes.

Serves 2


Corned beef 200g or 7 oz.

2 eggs

1 Large onion

2 T. Worcestershire Sauce

1-2 t.Whole grain mustard

275g or 10 oz. boiled potatoes, cut in small 1 cm. or 1/2 in. dice

S & P

Tobasco Sauce

BOIL  diced potato with or without skins 5 mins. only.


CUT Corned beef into dice & put into a bowl. or mash beef if you prefer

COMBINE Worcestershire sauce and mustard

POUR onto corned beef

MIX gently until distributed evenly

CUT onion in half and make thin semi-circle slices

HEAT some oil in frying pan until smoking hot

TOSS the onions in the frying pan for about 3 mins. keeping heat up as they need to be brown and crisp.

REMOVE  from pan and set aside

ADD potatoes to the hot frying pan, keep heat high. add more oil when necessary

FRY turning frequently, until quite brown.

RETURN everything to the frying pan and  keep turning everything until the meat is heated through.

SEASON  well with salt and plenty of black pepper  Corned beef is not as salty as it used to be, so taste

SERVE on warmed plates.

Here I must add Tobasco Sauce, 10 shakes of the bottle or more. Without Tobasco it is not worth eating in my opinion. It raises Corned beef out of the poverty food choice  to a snazzy New York breakfast or supper dish.

FRY two eggs to your liking and place on top of the Corned beef

Serve with warm toast










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