Capsicum Peppers, Halloumi & Basil Parcels

on Jan 6, 2015 in Favourite Recipes, Starters/Snacks/Canapes, Vegetarian

These squeaky cheese and roasted red pepper stacks are a classic Mediterranean/East European dish which is just delicious for a cool summer night. Admittedly I made them in the summer for a BBQ but they are good anytime of year. By the way if you are cooking them on the BBQ, you might want to tie them together as they can get frisky when you turn them.                                                                                                                      MMR-Colleen-Halloumi-StacksThis is one of the most tasty vegetarian dished I have tasted. Everyone who can eat cheese at our place loved them. These are made sandwiched together and fried or  put  under the grill until the cheese starts to melt.

I wouldn’t have believed how good they were by looking at them but they certainly were a hit.  In this picture the pepper was pre-cooked in an oven but that takes about an hour. I use left over peppers already cooked or pop pepper halves in the microwave until softish and they fry in frying pan and turn over to fry the other side or put under the grill to help melt the cheese or on a grill plate if BBQ. If you slice the cheese thinner than this one it cooks better and ,of course, you can use any colour of pepper. Halloumi cheese, if you don’t know, is made from part sheep’s and part goat’s milk and it squeaks. Oh, almost forgot you must put a Basil leaf under each piece of pepper and some black luscious Olive Tapenade (but can be omitted if you don’t like olives) That is the secret of it’s deliciousness. Drizzle with lemon juice to serve (and grated peel if you really like lemon) Mmmmmm so goooood!

No recipe really necessary for this easy one as you just put it together, but a list of ingredients is below.


Capiscum Peppers

Haloumi Cheese

Olive Tapenade

Basil Leaves 

Rind & juice of a lemon


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