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This is a pic of me making a mess in my kitchen stirring the tomatoes for the Bruschetta. We had steak on the BBQ with creamed mushrooms, green beans and roast potatoes. Oh, and Bruschetta while we were waiting for the rest to cook.

Bruschetta is the simplest, easiest and tastiest starter for a BBQ ever, or starter for an Italian meal, or in fact, for anytime at all. It makes a yummy lunch with or without the addition of cheese. I love tomatoes and use them in numerous ways but this is my all time favourite.

The quantities are left to you. Use an many tomatoes as you need to cover the number of bread slices you have.  Some people peel their tomatoes and take out the seeds because they don’t want the juice on the bread. I like to use the whole tomato.(life’s too short to peel tomatoes) Make sure the tomatoes are nice and ripe.


You can use French Stick, Ciabatta, Sour Dough or other similar bread but it should be strong and hold it’s shape. Sliced bread is not good. The bread can be brushed with Olive Oil and toasted on a grill pan to make flavour and marks or brushed with Olive Oil and toasted in the oven, at 400 – 450 on a baking sheet, oil side down until golden brown.


If you like garlic, like me, you can finely chop or grate a small amount of raw garlic into the chopped tomatoes. To taste, of course, but don’t overdo it, as it can overwhelm the tomatoes. If you only like a little garlic, you can rub the toasted bread hard with a cut clove of garlic.


If you like you can add herbs to the tomatoes. Basil is a favourite but you could add chopped chives or fresh Oregano is good too. I use them all at different times.  I think it is important to keep the flavour simple and only use one herb.

SLICE bread

BRUSH with lots of Olive Oil

TOAST in your preferred method


CHOP tomatoes small so you get 4 or 5 pieces to a teaspoon

SEASON with salt and pepper

ADD chopped herb


TOP the toasted bread slices with the tomato mix and you’re ready to eat.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.


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