Braised Short Ribs

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Now this is a recipe you MUST try.  It was my first time cooking short ribs although I have known them from childhood.  It is seriously one of the tastiest meals I have made. If you like beefy beef, that is. I made these for some dear, dear friends the other night, one of whom is a farm boy and loves his food. I thought to fill him up proper with this dish. You can get creative  and add many things like spiced rubs or smoked paprika, even garlic. But this is one I prefer unadulterated. It’s making my mouth water just writing about it.  I’m still delighted with it.  It is easy but time consuming and oh so worth it.  This recipe serves 4. You may need to ask your butcher to cut them specially for you if you are in England. I got mine from Waitrose, but they are more available than they used to be. You will need a large Dutch Oven or Very large, deep sauté pan with lid. Mine is a large cast iron one with lid. Purple!


Whole Beef Short Ribs 8 (I had mine cut in half to fit the pan)

S & P to taste

Plain Flour 1/4 cup

Pancetta or bacon 6 pieces(diced)

Olive Oil 2T.

Carrots 3 (diced)

Shallots 2 (very fine dice or minced as they don’t melt away at the low temp.)

Wine red or white 2 cups (beer can be used instead)

Beef stock 2 cups (liquid should almost cover the ribs)

Thyme 2 sprigs

Rosemary 2 sprigs


ROLL short ribs in flour with salt and pepper. Set aside.

FRY the diced pancetta over medium heat until completely crispy to render the fat into the Dutch Oven.

REMOVE pancetta and set aside.

ADD the Olive Oil to the pan with pancetta fat and turn the heat up.

BROWN & SEAL ribs on all sides (about 45 seconds per side or they will burn)

REMOVE ribs and set aside.

ADD carrots, onions, and shallots to pan on medium heat and cook for 2 minutes.

POUR in the wine and scrape the bottom to release the flavourful bits.

BOIL for 2 minutes.

ADD the beef broth (other stock can be used if needs be) plus 1t.salt and lots of black pepper.

TASTE for seasoning and adjust if necessary.

ADD ribs to the liquid in pan (hopefully almost completely submerged)

TOSS in whole Thyme & Rosemary sprigs

You can slide the pancetta back in now, if you can’t bare to waste it.

PUT on lid and place in oven at 350F/180C (160 fan)for 2 hours, then reduce to 325F/170C (150 fan)and cook an additional 30 -45 mins.

Alternatively you can put in slow-cooker at this stage on low for 8 hours.

REMOVE the pan from the oven, meat should be falling off the bone, and let sit for at least 20 minuets before serving.

SKIM fat off the top of liquid at the last minute.  There is a lot of fat (hence the flavour) so I put mine in the fridge, once cooled, overnight so I could remove the solid fat easily. It tastes better the next day as well.

SERVE with creamy mashed potatoes or polenta and a green veg.  I served mine with mixed cabbage (dark & light) and green beans.

Now wonder why you never cooked it before!!




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