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Bara Brith is a Welsh tea bread. This recipe was given to me, possibly, 38-40 years ago by a lovely young Welsh woman who helped run the local Methodist Sunday School with her husband. Her name was Corinne Thomas. It is one of the easiest and simplest recipes I have. Yes you read the recipe right, there is no fat and no sugar other than marmalade. This is what our Baking Buddies group made this month. The one in the photo has extra mixed spice making it brown.

8 oz./225gms. dried fruit (soaked overnight in a cup of cold tea)

1 T. Marmalade

8 oz./225gms. Self Raising Flour

Pinch, Mixed Spice

1 large egg

MIX all ingredients together in a bowl and add enough of the tea to make a soft dropping consistency

PUSH the mixture into a 1 lb. loaf tin (lightly greased and the bottom lined with baking paper)

BAKE in an oven 350F/180C/160C fan for 45 minutes.

COOL on a wire rack.  Brew a pot of tea, butter a slice of Bara Brith and enjoy.

If you like the marmalade flavour you can double the quantity and the same with the mixed spice which reminds you of a fruitcake even though it is not cake.

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