7th Birthday Cake

on Dec 6, 2013 in Cakes

IMG_1257 IMG_1260

This cake is covered with butter cream icing. I couldn’t find rainbow coloured confetti/hundreds and thousands to go on it so I used different coloured fondant icing and cut it into small pieces matching the stars on the sides.  I thought I would do a green and blue cake. the 7 year old loved it but the 3 year old brother asked for a piece of cake, took one look at it and said “I don’t like this cake” and wouldn’t eat it.


  1. hello Janet – well done this is a great blog idea. If you like I can give you Granny’s Chocolate cake – it is ‘to die for’!!! If you are looking for good old recipies tried and tested.

    • Hi Patsy, thanks for commenting. I’m always looking for good recipes. It would be great if you put it in your reply then everyone could take advantage of it. That will be one of the joys of the blog, other people sharing their recipes and ideas.

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